Former eBay Execs Allegedly Made Life Hell for Critics

And then, on August 10, the deliveries started. First, an email confirming the order of a “Preserved Fetal Pig” that was on its way to the victims’ house. (The order was canceled, Lelling said Monday, after an inquiry from the vendor.) Later that same afternoon, Amazon delivered a Halloween mask of a bloody pig’s face. Fourteen minutes later, court documents say, the Tui_Elei Twitter account sent another DM: “DO I HAVE UR ATTENTION NOW????”


Trump wants to use reporters as props. We don’t have to let him.

On the Rose Garden lawn, the chairs for reporters were originally set up for social distancing, maximizing their safety (even as outdoor transmission rates of COVID-19 appear to be quite low).  Apparently without notice to the press corps, White House aides then rearranged the chairs shortly before Trump began speaking, pushing them together with minimal distancing. A tweet showcasing CNN’s Khalil Abdallah before-and-after photos made clear how much changed

Bill Grueskin