Dean Baquet : Longform Podcast

“I always tried to question what is the difference between what is truly tradition and core, and what is merely habit. A lot of stuff we think are core, are just habits. The way we write newspaper stories, that’s not core, that’s habit. I think that’s the most important part about leading a place that’s going through dramatic change and even generational change. You’ve got to say, here’s what’s not going to change. This is core. This is who we are. Everything else is sort of up for grabs.”

Dean Baquet

eyeball Podcast #9: Kenneth Dickerman

Washington Post photo editor and college friend Kenneth Dickerman trace their journeys since studying photojournalism at Mizzou together and talk photo books, baptisms, short circuiting creativity via pretension, Scandinavian photography and the traits of a good photo editor

Eyeball: Episode 9: Kenneth Dickerman

Eyeball, Ep 4: David Scott Holloway

Photographer and filmmaker David Holloway joins John in the studio to discus authenticity and memories of working with Anthony Bourdain, handiness and the artistry of mechanical know-how, white nationalism and awkward accidental portfolio critiques.